One page is a website that does not consist of many subpages. It is a website built on only one page, equipped with a menu and divided into segments. To read the specific content, the user clicks the menu and is then redirected to a specific location where the interesting content is located, without reloading the page. This is done by scrolling the page to the appropriate section of the website.

    The One page solution is recommended for product websites. A product website should stand out thanks to its dedicated graphics design related to the product. This solution is prestigious and will create a professional image of the brand. This solution is also very beneficial as it is very tablet and smartphone friendly in terms of presentation. We do not recommend using it for corporate websites which should have a more complex structure.

    We can equip a One page website with a slider, a floating menu, a Google map with the location of your company, the order and contact forms and many more modules according to your needs, making this type of website a very favourable presentation of your product or brand.

    One page